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SEO Case Study GMB Case Study update

15 Year Old Website Had No Traffic

I was visiting my friend who I have known since leaving school and after 30 minutes of catching up on gossip, we get talking about business he is in the Garage equipment service installing and repairing lifts, MOT calibration etc, the business website is ngelifts.co.uk.

He was complaining about selling on eBay how much it costs him every time someone clicks the buy now button, he tried Google ads Pay Per Click PPC for short, but not having the right knowledge and doing it himself cost a fortune with no results (that's another case study when or if I get around to it).

So I explained that I help businesses with there marketing on the internet by getting them to show up on the first page of Google in the local organic search and in the maps listings also known as Google my business GMB for short.

I start to explain the reason why it's such a powerful place to have your company showing up in these places, the reason is that people even if they hear something on the radio or see something on the tv they go straight to Google and type in a query like "two post lift" or "car lift repair" the point is whatever people type into Google about a product or service somewhere down the line they are going to buy.

But the buying process dependent on the customers needs and want's at that particular time can be several weeks or it could be straight away?

If your business is in the prime position during this buying phase don't you think it's fair to say that you have a good chance of getting a good percentage of people calling texting or emailing you or even buying something?

How Long Does It Take To Get A Website Onto The First Page Of Google

Every website, every search term are never the same this is because Google have something put in place which I call a random ranking factor. Imagine if that just a single set of SEO techniques or rules could dominate the (SERP) search engine related pages, Google would never make any money because everyone would find it very easy to get there website on the first page of Google, Instead of spending money on PPC.

Google now use over 200 ranking factors, that's where a proper technical SEO audit helps to some degree, but I don't want this to get technical, lets get back to the GMB & page one website ranking case study.

The reason I quickly mentioned the random ranking factor is because when I tell you I first set up my friends Gmail account and started working on his website and Google my business listing on April 2nd 2020 and I'm writing this case study on the 6th June 2020 which is a little over two months, now I'm afraid not every client I work with gets results as fast and this is because of many factors which we are not going to delve into now.

Lets Take A Look At The Stats

Showing Stats Of The traffic


I added the website into the tool which collects all the data about the website and where it is in Google, as you can see even though the website as been on the internet 15 years it is not showing up in Google for anything.

Below I show you that just after 2 months the website is now showing up for 18 different search terms, with in a year this website will be bringing in so much traffic my friend will need more staff to cope with all the extra work. Man, I love my job when I can help people with increasing turnover and taking the burden off of where there next job is coming from.


nge showing increased rankings in google


Google My Business Search Results

Can you see the red square below surrounding the performance tab showing 362 views and if you look below Google is telling us that 195 people saw his GMB listing and 167 people saw the Google maps listing the reason of the two different searches is because some people search through google maps and some on the normal search bar on chrome or whatever other browser you are using.

But the fact of the matter is that of the two months I started this project the first month my friends GMB listing was no where to be seen, so can you imagine the amount of people looking over a year and the amount of business this can generate any company. If your looking for a SEO Agency to help you with this? Contact me on my website.

Google my business page setup


Search Engine Page Results

Ranking On The First Page Of Google

Here I typed into the search bar " garage lift repair Nottingham" and below are the results Google shows me as you can see the website at the time of June 2020 it is at the top of the search results.

As you can see below the GMB Listing which shows the first 3 companies (my friends business not in there yet got to give things time) and below that are the organic search results, which means they are not adverts, they are there based on Googles algorithm ( which we use to our advantage wink wink.)
As you can see my friends website is now the number 1 position ;}


Organ search result

I typed In Another Search Query

below you can see when I typed in "garage equipment services" his business is showing up two times in the Google My Business listing and his website is half way up the first page not bad within just 2 months..


GMB Case Study Ranking In The Google Maps

Affordable SEO Services

After only 28 day's I drove 1600 visit's to his website with the SERP(search engine result pages) results alone, please watch my video I made showing even more proof of how getting on the first page of the search results is the most powerful and cost effective way of getting new customers for your company, these people are the most targeted because they are actively typing a keyword based on buyer intent which means they have there wallet out ready to pay for your service or product.

SEO Case Study GMB Case Study update

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