Websites For Startup Businesses Or Companies That Have No Website.

Websites for startup businesses or companies that have no website can

use this affordable service to grow their business online

The foundation I will give you starts like this!

  1. Ownership - it's important that you own everything from the domain name to the files of the website.
  2. Freedom to choose your own hosting provider. I give you free hosting for the first year but after that you decide what you want to do.
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Why You Should Choose Our Websites?


I created this service for local businesses to help you start off on the right foundation.

Unlike lot's of larger companies that keep control of all your asset's and make it very difficult when you want to grow your website inline with your business.

Firstly you might not realise it now but your website if done properly will be one of your greatest assets for your business.

not only if and when you want to sell your business but also used to drive a daily influx of new customers.

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Domain Registration

I create an account for you with a reputable domain registrar that way you can buy any domain name of your choice and it is yours as long as you pay for the yearly registration for life ($9 - $50 per year).

I create an account and setup the domain name and pass you all the information, so that you have full control.

Hosting For Your website

Not all hosting is equal you can still get good hosting at a reasonable price which is important not only for speed, security but also for email deliverability, you could use gmail but maybe as your company grows you might want to do things differently.


This is why having full control of all your online assets is vitally important from the beginning .


Website Design

The websites that are built are of modern design with a lead capture form to collect a customers details which will automatically go to your email address so that you can contact them.

These designs are kept clean and simple and can be changed at any time in the future, maybe you have changed your logo or business colours not a problem an easy fix.

(please note changes to websites are subject to a surcharge , contact for prices)

The websites consist of

  1. Home Page
  2. Contact Us
  3. Service
  4. About
  5. Terms
  6. Privacy

Special Offer Price!!!

Please note as of March 2022

Price £199 for website and hosting and setup of domain name account.

You pay for the cost of domain name usually around £10 for the year.

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Websites For Startup Businesses

Why websites for startup businesses?

I came up with this affordable service for any company that is just starting out.

This is a good foundation for any startup because they will own their main asset, a website!


  1. You are not locked into some other company owning your website URL!
  2. You own the website outright, as you grow your business your website grows with you!
  3. Freedom to use any web designer you like!
  4. Hosting on any hosting provider you like.

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