December 29, 2020


[, Music, ], [, Music ]. She got an [ Music, ] attitude, [ Music ] when she knows [, Music ]. She got an attitude good morning guys so for today's outfit. I have some ripped boyfriend jeans from american eagle.

I have this really cute graphic t-shirt that has like cute little flowers on it and then the names of each flowers in like scripty font, ew and then for my shoes. I have my super super worn out, converse white converse, which now look literally gray, and then i just tied the shirt in a little knot right there, and that is my outfit.

I know not what you would expect for someone to wear in a corporate office, but we are very, very relaxed in our office, so our dress code is basically just don't show too much skin. I guess i don't. I don't know how to describe the dress code, but this is work appropriate in our dress code.

So i'm gonna make some breakfast now and i will update you guys in a second [ Music ]. She's, [ Music ], if [ Music ]. So this morning i usually don't, go this big for my breakfasts, even though i'm, always starving, but i made an english muffin with eggs, swiss cheese and tomato, and then i made my matcha with blueberry lavender almond milk, which Is absolutely amazing, if you guys haven't tried that drink from trader joe's, you have to give it a shot, and then i cut up some blueberries and strawberries and bananas, and i put them into the container.

So i'm running really behind this morning, so i got ta get going um. Yes, i'll. Keep you guys, updated okay. So i'm driving to work um. I work about 35 40 minutes away so depending on traffic, that's.

How long it takes me to get there! It's currently 8 35 and i'm supposed to be at work at 8 30. So i'm running a little behind, like i said so. Hopefully um there's, not too much traffic, but i just stuffed down that breakfast sandwich.

I ate it super fast in the car i didn't even think. I was that hungry and then i started eating and it was like gone so. Luckily i brought the fruit and my matcha, so i ' Ll still have a little bit something before at lunch time.

So yeah i'll, see you guys in the office [ Music ]. Oh there's, so many like the first thing that i do when i get to work, is open up my email and see what emails i need to respond to for that day. Then, once i do that, i get my notebook and i physically write down all the emails that i have to respond to any projects that i have to work on and just things to keep in mind for that day: [ Music ].

After that, i will get my air pods and plug in for the day. It just helps me keep in the zone, and you know everybody's talking and working at the same time. So it helps me concentrate when i have music to listen to [ Music ].

After that i will sometimes collaborate with my team members. There is gary that i'm talking to um. He's on my team and, as you can see, we're just discussing some projects that we're working on. So it's now 12 21 and we usually have lunch at 12, but um.

We're kind of working into lunch a little bit today and they have salad today for lunch, and i'm, just really not feeling salad. So i think i'm gonna go somewhere else with some of my co-workers and see what we're gonna get so um yeah i'll, be back um.

We usually get back from lunch at one um. So i'll, be back from the office at one [ Applause, ], [, Music ]. So it's. One o'clock now and i'm getting back into the grind of things. I always feel so much more productive after lunch, which, by the way i didn't just have a coffee actually got one of their caprese paninis, which i love.

Now i'm working on some inventory reports and finalizing some things in the calendar for the month to come, so it's currently 5 26 and i'm still here at work. Usually, everybody leaves by 5 o'clock, but i've had a lot of work that i have to get done because i have tomorrow off and um it's got ta get done.

So i'm. Just finishing up some stuff - hopefully i should get out within like 20 minutes um, but we'll, see all right so update. It is now 5 55.. It's still in the office, but i am leaving thank god yeah.

It has been a very productive day. I will give you guys some more info when i get home all right guys. I'm here back at home and i'm about to start making dinner, but before i did, i just wanted to kind of recap my day since i really wasn't able to talk much um at work today.

So i wanted to basically explain to you what i really did throughout the day. I know you guys saw me on the computer a lot um and that's. All i did i was my job is to be in front of a computer answer.

Emails plan things and yeah. We're, going to jump into that. So basically in the morning i will go in and check my emails. We do work with another team and they work overnight. So i respond to those emails.

I flag them and then whatever i have to respond to directly, i make sure to flag so that i know i have to take care of that that day and then what i do after that is. I write those things down in a to-do list.

Um in my notebook, which is also what you guys saw that's, just because i'm, a very hands-on visual person. So, even though i have it in my email and i will check it off in my email, i like to check it off on a piece of paper as well.

I just i'm a to-do list freak, so i love doing that sort of stuff. Then i will start answering my emails depending on the day today's thursday, so we normally have meetings on thursday mornings, but this morning um it was a little different.

We didn't have a meeting this morning, so you guys didn ' T get to see me in that. Normally we do have a meeting at 9 30 to kind of kick start our day. I'll. Go through the meeting and then i will get back into my emails start responding to things proofing.

Banners is a part of my job. A big part of my job is planning out a calendar of promotions. So i'm in charge of planning out those promotions and seeing that everything about that promotion goes through smoothly, so the copy for the banners, the percentages, the coupons.

I do all of that, so that's. What i'll, be doing for the entire day is making sure that all the entries are in for the calendar and making sure that everything is taken care of for those entries. So that was a large portion of my day and then throughout the day i will interact with the rest of my team and sort of say what i need from them.

I work with a graphic design team, a copy team, a newsletter team. So all that is part of my job is to communicate with those people to make sure that everything is getting done for those promotions. Sometimes we have to put out fires and that's just when we have to get stuff done so, like i said tomorrow, i do have off um taking off, because i have to get some stuff done with my car, so i had to make Sure to get everything done, you know there are certain deadlines and i had to reach those so that's, why i stayed late today, it's, been pretty common, that i do stay late about 30 minutes to an hour recently um.

It's, just been really busy at work, but for the most part other weeks i do leave around five o'clock, so i hope you guys like this day in the life of a marketing associate. I hope this gave you some insight in what exactly a marketing associate does.

I know i had to be a little bit vague because i can't, give like explicit details of what i'm working on and who i work with and stuff. But at least i kind of was able to give like a like overall description of what i was doing and you kind of got to see what i was doing for any of you that are interested in going into marketing or things similar to that.

I hope this kind of gave you guys a little bit of an insight on that um and if you guys have any comments, you know i can answer more specific comments. But i wanted this to be like a kind of overall video of what i do and what my day is like pretty much every day except for saturday sundays.

So if you guys have any comments, please leave them down below. I do respond to all my comments and if you did like this video and if you do like me, make sure to subscribe and hit that like button, i really appreciate any support i can get and i will see you guys next monday, bye guys

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